Montreal Canadiens new jersey designed for the 2016 Winter Classic

This season’s NHL 2016 Winter Classic will feature two Original Six clubs; Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins, to be played on January 1st, 2016 in Foxborough, MA (home of the Super Bowl Champs New England Patriots).

As is always the case with the Winter Classics, teams unveil specialized jersey designs for the events.  In the past, teams have worn retro jerseys, or have altered their current design.

The Boston Bruins jersey is a throwback to their 1924 logo and dropped the brown colour in favour of their current black.


For the Montreal  Canadiens, the game will mark the third time the Canadiens have played an outdoor game in recent years.   In 2003, the Canadiens particpated in the first Heritage Classic vs the Edmonton Oilers in Edmonton.  The Canadiens opted to showcase their 1946 White jersey.  In 2009, the Canadiens again played in the Heritage Classic, this time in Calgary, and the Canadiens opted to wear their 1976 throwback white jersey.


But this season marks the first time the Canadiens will participate in the Winter Classic.  and for that, the Canadiens went will a special design, incorporating four different jersey features from their 100+ storied history.

Last week was the big reveal as the Canadiens unveiled their 2016 Winter Classic jersey.


The 2016 World Classic jersey incorporates the following:

#1) The Blue stripe is a shade of blue inspired by the first Canadiens jersey worn after their founding in 1909 (See 1 below).

#2) The CH logo is the inverted colors they have worn for the past 90 years.  Or a liking to the 1921-22 jersey they wore.

#3) The sleeves have an image of the globe, the same type of globe the Canadiens wore on their 1924-25 jersey to denote World Champions.

#4) The new jersey also has a red collar reminiscent of that worn first work in 1945-46.

See image below for a snapshot of the 4 main features of the 2016 Winter Classic Montreal Canadiens jersey.


This marks the NHL’s 8th Winter Classic, and the second time a Canadian team takes part.


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